I am originally from the Czech Republic and have lived in the USA since 2003. I studied Russian language and literature at University of Texas at Austin and Charles University in Prague. I've been teaching world languages for about twenty years. My writings have been predominantly academic including the textbook "Reading Russian Short Stories" which is available here. I recently published my first work of literature, the memoire "Matylda: And I Thought Everyone Drives a Limo in Amerika". I currently live in Seattle, WA.



My novel, "Matylda: And I Thought Everyone Drives a Limo in Amerika", is available as an ebook and a print-on-demand book through Amazon and at libraries.



Matylda:  and I thought everyone drives a limo in Amerika book cover

A European’s first visit to the United States, his experiences as a dishwasher in a summer camp, and his coast-to-coast road trip in a limousine.


Reading Russian Short Stories book cover

A free textbook for students of the Russian language. 46 short stories written in Russian by different authors in 20th and 21st centuries, each accompanied by questions and assignments.