About the Author


To a casual observer, I may appear to be a fully functioning member of society with an advanced degree, a fulfilling career, loving friends and family, and an obvious midlife crisis that I’m overcoming by trying something new – writing. Previously I hardly ever enjoyed writing, often times even disliked it, and occasionally even, yes, the H-word-ed it. A few years ago my attitude toward this creative art started changing. I guess, having mastered writing shopping lists, Facebook posts, and whatever-nots they required in school, left its mark. And now I scribble, cross out, replace, re-write, curse, rearrange, and jump out of the bed in the middle of the night to note down a thought on daily basis. I admit – the craft of writing makes me whole.

I am originally from the Czech Republic, and have lived in the USA since 2003. I studied Russian language and literature and at University of Texas at Austin and at Charles University in Prague; and have been teaching world languages for about twenty years. My writings have been predominantly academic, and the memoire Matylda: And I Thought Everyone Drives a Limo in Amerika is my literary debut. I currently live in Seattle, WA.

A photo of Filip Zachoval on Washington's Pacific coast.